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Here are all the great pictures that we have of Janelle.

 Dan Julie Janelle Megan coutch.jpg (33199 bytes)

Here is the whole family.  Megan, Dan, Janelle, and Julie



Janelle laying down.jpg (40118 bytes)

She matches!



Amy and Janelle.jpg (38755 bytes)

Aunt Amy



Holding Janelle 4.jpg (39353 bytes)

Janelle, smile for the Camera



Janelle 2.jpg (40839 bytes)




Julie and Janelle at Coranodo.jpg (39884 bytes)

Out for a walk.



Janelle.jpg (34804 bytes)




Amy Janelle Julie.jpg (39272 bytes)


DJ & J with grandma.jpg (33928 bytes)


We also have a couple of small movies that you can download and watch. 

Janelle in crib 3.mpg (663KB)

Great Grandma and Janelle.mpg (1.3MB)